CSU Supervisors and My Learning Reporters

Check training statistics and pull basic completion reports.

Open Insights menu

Introducing: Analytics

Representation of the Analytics logo as seen in BridgeStarting 4/22/21, all CSU Managers, Administrators and Reporters will see the Analytics icon in their left navigation. Analytics is a more visual way of looking at reporting data. Learn more about how to interact with Analytics in this Bridge Guide. Feel free to play with the Analytics and send feedback to the My Learning support email.

At this time, we have provided detailed tutorials below, in the FAQ, for the older reporting function called Insights. Soon, check back for the same level of tutorials about Analytics.  


Introducing: Journeys

Your Learners have a new option available to them on the My Learning Dashboard, called JOURNEYS. Journeys are learning paths consisting of Programs and other learning items. CSU content creators are still learning about Journeys, so no Journeys have yet been assigned to you or your employees. Please check back here for updates. 

people walking on a path icon

NOTE: Live Trainings reporting is not at parity with reporting for Courses and Programs because Bridge has designed the reports by “progress” and “completions.” So while it’s easiest to see Course and Program completion rates at-a-glance in Insights, for Live Training data, we recommend always clicking Export in the upper right to get the detailed information about the Live Training completion dates. When the “completed date” column of the spreadsheet has a date in it, that means the employee is marked as attended. If the row is blank, the employee was not marked attended. Please see “How do I check the entire training progress…” FAQ entry below for a tutorial and more information.

CSU Supervisor/Reporter FAQ

Insights is your springboard to basic “training completion” reporting. The ease-of-reporting features available at Insights are continuing to grow. Find how to pull the most common reports from Insights in the answers and links below. From any of the Insights menu views, you are welcome to click Export in the upper right to see if the Excel spreadsheet for that view offers additional information (some do, some don’t).

NOTE: The FAQs have been updated with additional reporting tutorials. See the “What other tutorials…” FAQ item below.

You can create custom reports in Insights by following this Bridge Guide. Custom reports are based on user enrollment and can be filtered by date, group, team, enrollment type, enrollment status, content type, and content tags. Reports are exportable as CSV files.

NOTES: You can view available tags in your Learner Library, right side. If you don’t see a tag for your department, please contact the My Learning support email.

CSU has three Bridge/My Learning Reporting tutorials linked below. All reports can be run with a timeframe that you choose in the Insights tool.

  1. Overview & Report by Team
  2. Report by Content (available to do with Team and Enrollment filters)
  3. Report by People (also available to do with multiple types of filters)

The Reporter role is a custom role you may apply for in Bridge/My Learning if you are appointed by your department to pull team reporting data. If you wish to be considered for the Reporter role, please contact the My Learning support email.

The easiest report to pull for your team is Completions for My Learning Courses and Programs. Instructions to view individual Live Training completions can be found in the next answer below this one. Bridge is working to bring Live Training Reports to parity with those from Courses and Programs.

  • Choose Report by Content and follow the instructions.
  • As directed, type the exact name of the Program or Course you wish to search* in the Search Box
  • You will see a list of your team members who have enrolled in that Program or Course, and the percentage completion in that Program or Course.

*Suggestion: Use Talent Development’s Supervisor Development Program, University Requirement as a test example for an exact Program name.

  • Choose Report by People and follow the tutorial. You will see your team members. Click the name you wish to search to bring up ALL the My Learning Content they are involved with.
  • To ascertain completions, click Export in the upper right of the Insights window to create an Excel file
  • When the Excel spreadsheet downloads, open and sort by the column entitled Completed Date. This will clarify which content items, including Live Trainings, have been completed. A date in the completed date column means they attended. A blank in the completed date column means they did not attend as planned.

Icon used to symbolize a Course          Icon used to symbolize a Program          Icon used to symbolize a Checkpoint          Icon used to symbolize Live Training

Course          Program       Checkpoint      Live Training

The fastest way to gather Live Training session statistics beyond the Insights export is by asking a Bridge Department Administrator or Author to EXPORT DATA from the Live Training itself.

For a list of Departments and their Department Administrators, go to Content by Department.