My Learning Website Under Construction

The My Learning website is undergoing construction. The login button below still works, however this home page will soon be archived in the historical tab.  Feel free to explore the rest of the new site, and expect a complete home page switchover by the end of January 2020.

Click the My Learning button to access your training registration, tracking, and history.

Welcome to My Learning at Colorado State University. This site was designed to introduce you to your My Learning portal, powered by the Bridge Learning Management System (LMS). The site provides a central page for employee learning and educational needs at Colorado State University.

On your My Learning dashboard, register for all CSU supervisory, professional development, and compliance trainings and programs, offered by several campus departments. If you have already visited My Learning, click the logo to re-enter. 

Quick My Learning Tutorial

This My Learning Registration Guide captures ways to access CSU trainings through the My Learning LMS.

Additional My Learning Resources

For more detailed help resources, click on the Resource Tab drop-down menu for access to:

  • The current TD training catalog
  • The current TD Distance Learning catalog
  • Waitlist instructions
  • Training maps
  • The My Learning Registration Guide
  • The My Learning FAQ
  • My History instructions
  • A place to give feedback

Departments Participating in My Learning

The use of My Learning at CSU is growing. Look for training from the following departments in your Learning Library:

  • Business and Financial Services (BFS)
  • Campus Recreation
  • College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS)
  • CSU Online
  • Department of Student Affairs (DSA)
  • Housing and Dining Services (HDS)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Facilities Management
  • Lory Student Center (LSC)
  • Office of Budgets
  • Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
  • Office of the Vice President for Diversity (VPD)
  • Parking & Transportation Services
  • Talent Development (TD)
  • Technology Training Center (TTC)
  • The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)
  • The Women and Gender Collaborative
  • University Advancement
  • Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH)

More to come!

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Training news:


  • Relatively new in My Learning: Courses, Checkpoints and Programs! Read about them in the My Learning Vocabulary.
  • Calendar attachments: When you receive a registration confirmation, please click into the .ics calendar attachment which will transfer the date, time, and location of the training straight to your calendar! No more looking for addresses and rooms at the last minute.

TALENT DEVELOPMENT (TD) (why the new name?)

TD’s Early Spring 2020 Training Catalog lists trainings from 1/21/20 – 3/13/20, open for registration now.

Open-enrollment Programs, which track your progress through a Learning Path, are available now in the Learning Library:

A Program is a combination of learning items such as Courses, Live Trainings, and Checkpoints. On the training tiles in the Learning Library, look at the bottom for the word “PROGRAM.” Or, you can click the carat next to “Filter by” and check Program before you search. You will enroll in the Program and that will automatically enroll you in all the Program pieces. You also must complete the entire Program to get the My Learning completion.

  • All the TD Foundation and Core classes have waitlist sessions to sign up for if the main session is full.
  • Please contact the My Learning support email to request waitlists for Elective sessions that are full.
  • Check back to My Learning often to find newly added trainings.

Strategies to find training openings:

What do you do when the training you hoped for is full?

  1. Check back into My Learning often to look for changes in openings.
  2. To register for a known waitlist, please search My Learning for the title of the training including the word WAITLIST. Always check the main session first to see if you find an open spot.
  3. If you have a specific training in mind for which you would like to see a waitlist, please email the My Learning support email.


Business and Financial Services and the Budget Office offers training sessions via My Learning on Kuali, TEM, Accounts Payable, Budget Adjustment, and Property Management.

We’ve added a category to the My Learning Library entitled “Health & Financial Wellness.”

  • My Learning now offers employees access to the new Course, CSU @Work Financial Wellness. Learners study sound financial practices they can apply at CSU and beyond, delivered through optional, online personal finance modules sponsored by the Charles Schwab Foundation.
  • New trainings from Canvas Credit Union are posted for spring, under Health & Financial Wellness.

How to Join My Learning

Is your CSU department thinking about posting trainings on My Learning?

My Learning serves as CSU employees’ learning portal to the new Bridge LMS for professional development and compliance training. My Learning will allow learners to manage all of their various educational needs in one place.

If your department offers online or in-person training courses for employees, My Learning could benefit you. If your department is interested in using My Learning for educational purposes, please reach out to Diane Fromme at about joining the program.

My Learning vocabulary

  • LMS or Learning Management System is a Web-based software application used to plan, implement, and assess learning processes.
  • Bridge is CSU’s LMS software platform for employees.
  • My Learning is CSU’s learning portal to Bridge, and it’s also your personalized learner dashboard. Once you start activity in My Learning, you will see it posted on your dashboard. Click My Learning to return to this dashboard.
  • Live Trainings are the face-to-face classes for which you will register. A Bridge administrator can also enroll you. Each Live Training will have one or multiple sessions.
  • Sessions are the specific live training dates and times for which you’ll register.
  • Waitlists are separate Live Training placeholders for which you can register if your desired class sessions are full.
  • Learning Library is what you will select in My Learning to see a grid view (training tiles) or list view of Live Training classes.
  • Training Calendar offers a calendar view of available Live Trainings and those for which you’ve already registered. You may also register for classes from this training calendar. Trainings in the list view will appear in date order.
  • Courses are self-paced classes. Each Course has custom requirements based on its objective/s. Learners can self-enroll in Courses, or be enrolled by a Bridge administrator.
  • Checkpoints are learning content items that include a title and a set of instructions for learners to follow. Checkpoints are only assigned by a Bridge administrator. Learners see assigned checkpoints on their My Learning dashboard. Checkpoints may or may not require evidence and approvals.
  • Programs are a combination of learning items such as Courses, Live Trainings, and Checkpoints. Learners can self-enroll in Programs, or be enrolled by a Bridge administrator. You must complete the entire Program to record a completion in My Learning.

See the Resources page for more details