The My Learning portal, powered by the Bridge Learning Management System (LMS), provides a central page for employee learning and educational needs.

CSU Employees

Register for My Learning Live Trainings, Courses, and Programs. Check training progress and history.

Open My Learning dashboard


(FAQ below)

Login Concerns:

If you are a new employee who cannot yet access My Learning, it does take our Oracle system several days to a week to push all the new employee data to My Learning. If it’s been one week since you received your eID and you still can’t log in to Bridge, email My Learning support.

If you have successfully logged into My Learning before but now cannot, try logging in with whichever browser you haven’t tried: Firefox or Chrome. (IE 11 not recommended). You may also have to clear your browser cache:

Clearing your browser cache in Chrome

Clearing your browser cache in Firefox

Do Not Run Bridge in IE 11 

Starting immediately, we recommend all employees discontinue using Internet Explorer 11 to run Bridge My Learning. Neither Microsoft nor Bridge will offer further support for IE 11. Acceptable browsers are Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 

Internet Explorer 11 Icon with a red no icon through It and arrow pointing to Edge icon

List of “Safe” Bridge Email Addresses  

These Bridge My Learning email addresses are real, not spam. Of course, always check the content of any message before proceeding with clicking links, as per CSU IT guidelines. 

Bridge Support 

Bridge Success Team 

Bridge Product Team 

getBridge, LLC  

CSU My Learning or

NOW AVAILABLE: LinkedIn Learning

As announced by the CSU Office of the Provost on March 7, LinkedIn Learning is now available to all CSU students and employees. Only select, curated courses will be integrated with Bridge My Learning.
Visit the Office of the Provost LinkedIn Learning page for information about how to directly access LinkedIn Learning courses, and for links to CSU LinkedIn Learning help.

New item in Your My Learning Dashboard: Journeys 

Journeys is a new feature in My Learning. Journeys are learning paths consisting of Programs and other learning items. CSU content creators are still learning about Journeys, so no Journeys have yet been assigned to you. Please check back here for updates.

My Learning Class Attachments and Transcripts

To export a .csv of your My Learning transcript: On your My Learning dashboard, look in the upper right for EXPORT TRANSCRIPT. Click that button and expand/sort the .csv to reflect the results you want to show.

To see the attachments furnished for your completed class title: Underneath the EXPORT TRANSCRIPT button, switch your default Grid View to the List View. Under your COMPLETED section you will see paper clip icons you can click to access your class attachments.

No-Shows Inconvenience Everyone

Unregister if you cannot attend a training. This keeps your My Learning dashboard clean and up-to-date, and allows facilitators to get waitlisters into the sessions. Here’s how: Find that training on your My Learning dashboard, then click RESCHEDULE and/or UNREGISTER.

CSU Employee FAQ

Icon used to symbolize a Course          Icon used to symbolize a Program          Icon used to symbolize a Checkpoint          Icon used to symbolize Live Training

Course          Program       Checkpoint      Live Training

For login concerns, see instructions in the Announcements box above.

Click and browse the CONTENT BY DEPARTMENT tab under the Employee Access and Resources tab.

Log in to My Learning first. Once logged in, go back to the link you’ve been sent, click it, and a window will open that offers you the ENROLL option for that training.

Log in to your My Learning Dashboard to see what is REQUIRED and what is COMPLETED. If you have a training listed under REQUIRED that you never took and want it cleaned off your Dashboard, please contact the My Learning support email with the name and date of that training.

In order to see your class attachments, look on your My Learning Dashboard underneath the EXPORT TRANSCRIPT button and switch your Grid View to a List View. Scroll down to your COMPLETED section and click each paper clip icon to the right of each training title in order to access your attachments.

My Learning has added an EXPORT TRANSCRIPT feature on your My Learning dashboard in the upper right. Sort Column N, Learning Item Status, from A – Z to see all your Completes together. Column AQ lists completion dates for the Live Trainings. Eventually, Bridge will develop a more user-friendly version of the transcript.

Find the class from which you want to unregister on your My Learning Dashboard. Click RESCHEDULE and/or UNREGISTER. That’s it!

In Bridge speak, enrolled in a Live Training means that you have been put on the Learner list but you have not yet registered in a specific, dated session. Enrolled in a Course or Program means you are ready to start or continue that learning item (Courses and Programs do not have a registered status).

My Learning will guide you to “Join waitlist” buttons for all full classes. For a full My Learning waitlist tutorial, click here.

No. You may either register for a Live Training session that is not full, or join a waitlist for a session that is full.

Yes. If you are on a waitlist for a Live Training, please watch your email up until the time that the session begins. VERY IMPORTANT: if you can no longer attend, please unregister from the waitlist or main session to allow the next person on the waitlist to have a chance. Just click RESCHEDULE or UNREGISTER next to the training title on your My Learning dashboard.

If you have a blank My Learning dashboard, you haven’t yet logged any training activity in the system. You can build your training history there from the time you enroll in and complete your first learning item.

The My Learning support email. Please note this is not a 24-hour help desk. A team member will get back to you within 48 hours.

The CSU Training email. Please note this is not a 24-hour help desk. A team member will get back to you as soon as possible.